Tips: Download youtube with tubehunter

Do you like watching a video on youtube? Get tired of waiting the stream? Is it possible to make collections on youtube video?

The answer is yes. There is a way out to solve slow video stream on youtube, you just need to download it and watch later with a better video quality. You can Download and save the videos on your PC with some video format (*3gp, *avi, *mpeg,*dvd, etc) directly after you finish downloading it.
Just read the following steps:
1. Download and install tube hunter on your PC.
2. Go to your blowser and find the video that you like from youtube.
3. Open "Tube Hunter"
4. After the video from youtube that you select open in a new window and the "Tube Hunter" is on, you press "F5" on your keyboard right in the window YOUTUBE video that you select. If you did all the previous steps correctly, it will appear "option" on "Tube Hunter."
5. Klick download on the "Tube Hunter."Before downloading, you can select a video format that you like. Once completed you can view the video you download.
6. Good luck

(NOTE: If you problems with how to use the "Tube Hunter" to download YOUTUBE video, you can write the questions in this blog and will be answered as soon as possible)

P.S. Tube Hunter is also applicable to all video stream (not only from youtube)

Tube Hunter


andi.dicka said...

wew... you tube memang gudangnya video .. boleh di donlot nih... hahahahaha^^(ktwa kesetanan).