Tips: Simple way to fix windows error

Have some problems of your windows XP? Take a few minutes of your spare time and read this article.
I got some trouble of my windows on my laptop; the system on the control panel didn’t show up. Not only that, I also got the run menu didn’t work as well as the desktop properties. I have tried quite a lot of antivirus but it didn’t help. Then I got an idea trying to install the upgrade of windows XP SP3 and it really works.

The good thing of installing it is that you don’t need to reformat the windows to get your windows fixed. I use to reformat my windows when I got a serious problem of my windows but I found out that by installing upgrade pack of windows XP helps me a lot. If you got a problem of your windows and seems to be hopeless, you should try it.

Hey, one more minute, you still have a bonus tips from me, free! If you have a windows XP SP3 with Microsoft office 2003, now you can have Microsoft office 2007 by installing upgrade SP3.

Windows XP SP3

Microsoft Office 2007


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