Tips: Download MP3 Stream

Many new tracks or MP3 are post on website in the form of streaming.

That stream Mp3 usually can only be listened online but when it seems that you like to download, it’s not possible. But don’t worry; I’ve got a solution for you.

You can try the following steps.

1. Download "Free Music Zilla"
2. Install the "Free Music Zilla" on your PC.
3. Start "Free Music Zilla" and go to a Web streaming, for example
4. Search the music or mp3 you like.
5. Start/ play the MP3 after you opened, "Free Music Zilla". It will automatically grab the files you open then you just simply click “download”

The file you download will be stored in its folder. Just click the link to the folder to see the file you have download.

(Note: during the download you can’t close window from streaming music that you download, what happens then download will fail)

Free Music zilla


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