UPS Jobs | UPS is expected to hire more than 25,000

UPS Jobs are, all things considered, incredibly good jobs. The UPS system usually promotes from within, and getting a job in UPS Careers means starting as a package sorter and working your way up to delivery person training. However, over the next five years, UPS is expected to hire more than 25,000 individuals for UPS careers. Are you looking to UPS jobs as a possible pay day? Here’s the lowdown.

UPS Jobs are very good jobs

On average, UPS careers pay very well. A driver for United Parcel Service can make up to $75,000 a year, depending on the area of the country they are in and how well they do. UPS Jobs have been listed as one of 2009’s “World’s Most Reputable Companies” by Forbes Magazine. UPS Careers were also listed as one of the Best Places to Work by the Human Rights Campaign, 50 best places to launch a career by Business Week, and America’s Top 10 most socially responsible companies by Fortune Magazine.

UPS Careers expected to grow

Currently, UPS Jobs include about 99,000 drivers across the United States. In the next five years, about 25,000 of these drivers are expected to retire. This means that every year, UPS jobs will account for an average 5,000 hires throughout the United States. This doesn’t include the package sorters, administrative and technical support staff, and more. There will be even more UPS jobs if the rumors that UPS might be taking over TNT Mail in the United Kingdom are true.

Training for UPS Jobs

If you want to become a UPS Driver, the training is much more complicated than a simple test. The UPS Careers training center outside of Washington, D.C., uses high-tech tough training to make sure drivers are up to the task. There are video games that require UPS jobs applicants to navigate obstacles and challenges. There are also physical requirements – like carrying a 10-pound box over a greased-down runway. It may sound tough, but UPS jobs are the face of the company, and they don’t loan company uniforms out to just anybody.

Applying for UPS Jobs

If you want to apply for UPS jobs, the best place to start is at the UPS jobs web site. At the UPS jobs web site, you can apply for jobs, check hiring appointments, inquire about open positions, and more.



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