Demi Moore Bush Twitter | Demi Moore Bush Twitter Feud Causes Internet Stir [Photo]

When you see the three words Demi Moore Bush together, the first things that come to mind aren't for family entertainment. At least, they aren't in my mind. That might be different in yours.

The Internet is buzzing this afternoon with a little internet twitter feud between Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian that took place over the weekend. Kim is married to Reggie Bush. Now you see why the three words are put together!

Apparently, Demi Moore had an issue with Kim's choice of words on her twitter. The womanused the word pimp, which Demi Moore thought glorified pimps and condoned prostitution! I'm sure Kim didn't mean it like that at all, but words on a paper or on a screen can be misconstrued so easily.

You can see the full string of tweets Demi sent below. As for Kim, she landed in NYC on JFK earlier this week. The tweets from Demi certainly didn't bother her any!

What do you think? Did Demi Moore blow this out of proportion?



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